I am glad you've taken time to visit my web site.  The Tug Valley is located on the Tug River,  along the border of southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.  At my site you can download free desktop themes, screensavers and wallpapers. In the know  Sections on photography with an emphasis on digital photography provide lots of help, tips and tricks.  The photo gallery has over a hundred nature photos for you to browse.  There's an entire page dedicated to hiking safety, and a page for the Tug Valley community.   Also, you can browse the great links! and recommended pages with links to some of the best web sites and freeware around.
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We've seen some snow and lots of cold weather.  Click on the photo to go to the gallery, or a link below.

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All That Really Matters

 What evidence is there for the existence of God?  What is God like?

 The beginning of time.  Was there ever nothing?

 What do we really know about Him?

 What is it like to know God?  Real life stories.

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Is Your Computer At Risk?

Microsoft has a security web page to help you keep up with all the updates.

"You Don't Say..."
(He should know...)
"It is the responsibility of the media to look at the President with a microscope, but they go too far when they use a proctoscope."

-- Former President Richard Nixon

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Page Summaries

Some of my desktop themes I've created.  They all feature nature / country living motifs, and are completely free for you to download and use.

Download free TVO Screensavers.

Free wallpapers for you to download and use.

Find hunting and fishing information, community events, local links and much more here.

I have been an avid amateur photographer for over 20 years. Some of my photos are in my gallery.

Thoughts, stories, advice, and lessons learned the hard way about photography.

Suggestions on what to look for in a digital camera, as well as what to do with your images.  Information for the beginner, as well as techniques for getting the most out of your camera.

See answers to previously asked questions, or ask one of your own.

Over the years browsing the Internet I have ran across some great freeware, and some fantastic web sites that shouldn't be missed.

Products and services I have found online that I think might interest you.

Hiking Safety Information.

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